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Liberty Bottleworks Stewardship

Our Promise, Our Heritage

Founded in the historic town of Yakima, Washington; Liberty Bottleworks strives to continue the efforts that have made this town and this nation great. Starting with the Yakama Indians, the arrival of the first Europeans in the 1700’s , Lewis and Clark in 1805 and incorporation in 1883, Yakima has embodied the American Spirit. For generations, men and women have labored and sacrificed to provide us with the opportunities we all enjoy today as citizens of this great nation. To the men and women who have come before us, we say thank you. Thank you for opportunity and liberty to act as stewards of all you have given.

Liberty Bottleworks promises to our customers and non-customers alike that we will operate as stewards. We will conduct business in a way to preserve and protect all that makes this country great for future generations. Our bottles are made in America by American workers. Liberty Bottles are made with recycled materials and are entirely recyclable. We will continue to develop new processes in design and fabrication to make our products last longer and use less. We will promote the importance of the arts by using individual artists to create unique bottle art. We will act as financial stewards with a percentage of every bottle sold helping organizations and people in need. This is not our “ethos”, or “mission statement”, or “brand message”, it is our Promise.

stewardship - it is not just our responsibility, it is our liberty

“What makes us a Vintage American company? At Liberty, vintage means a return to fit your needs. To our roots. American Made is about taking pride in each other. Maybe it is just a bottle. Maybe it is something that makes you look at things differently. Pick one up and we guarantee you’ll feel the pride, passion and honesty that is forged into every Liberty Bottle.”

–Team Liberty Bottle Works
Yakima, Washington