Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Liberty Bottles Made?

Our Liberty Originals line of single wall aluminum bottles are made 100% start-to-finish in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  The equipment it is produced on is 100% American made as well.  All the components such as aluminum, powder coating, ink, caps and seals are also Made in America.

How Do I Wash My Bottle?

Our bottles, both the single wall aluminum and the double wall stainless steel are hand wash only.  A little mild dish soap and warm water should do the trick.  A bottle brush may be helpful to reach the bottom if you can find one which has very soft bristles or made with sponges.  While the bottles are hand wash only, you can certainly throw your cap in the top rack of the dishwasher.  

Is There A Warranty?

You bet there is.  Our bottles are proudly made in America by American Workers.  We stand behind them.  However, our warranty does not cover bottles damaged from dishwashers or cap nozzles that have been chewed on.
See more at libertybottles.com/policies/refund-policy

Can I Recycle My Bottle?

You sure can.  Take your aluminum bottles anywhere you would recycle aluminum cans.  Our Double Wall Stainless Steel bottles can be recycled anywhere you would recycle Stainless Steel.  Our caps are a #5 plastic and can be recycled.  

Returns and Exchanges

We are confident you won’t want to return your bottle, however if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, your bottle is still new and unused and purchased through our website within the past 30 days, contact customer service and we'll be happy to help you out.   customerservice@libertybottles.com

Custom Bottles

I am looking at having my logo or some artwork on your bottles.  How do I get in touch with someone who can help me with this?   customerservice@libertybottles.com

Personalized Bottles

We do have the “personalization” option on our website where you can have a name (or text) laser engraved on the bottle.  Here is a link if you are interested:  https://libertybottles.com/pages/personalize

Will Your Bottles Fit In A Bike Bottle Holder?

Our 24oz aluminum bottles are 2.75 in in diameter and fit in a majority of bike holders.  We do caution you that the design may scratch if used in the bottle holder.

Where Are Your Stainless Steel Bottles Made?

Our aluminum bottles are made entirely in the US right here at our warehouse in Union Gap, WA.

The insulated Stainless Steel bottle is imported from our sister company in China. The facility is highly regulated for human rights and labor issues.  The reports are outstanding in every manner.  These reports are done by a 3rd party reporting agency.