Mt. Liberty

1. 9 am: Your pack is loaded, boots are laced, and the cocoa in your 20 oz Liberty Insulated™ bottle is 170.4° F. Time for a hike!

2. 11 Am and you’re halfway to the summit: 152.4° F.

3. 4 hours in and you've reached the summit! Time for some hot chocolate while you enjoy the view: 134° F

4. It is 3 pm and the crisp air feels good as you make your way down: 125.8° F

5. 8 hours on the mountain and now it’s time to head home. Time to take one last photo and finish the last drops of your beverage: 108.6° F. 


*Tests taken in a controlled environment at a constant temperature of 17 °F. Bottles left closed, opened every two hours for temperature reading. Results may vary in fluctuating temperatures.